Quality Policy

R.C. MIKA Group Ltd. was founded to deliver its clients’ operations and engineering services to achieve its operational objectives and become a manufacturing and production company. We are leading projects of transfer from development to production, supply chain, logistics, quality, and mass production. We will gain and hold the confidence of our clients by implementing the following issues:

  • We will act in complete transparency with our clients on all operational and financial aspects of our projects.
  • We shall provide our clients with the best professional services in all segments of work we offer them.
  • We shall put all our efforts into helping our clients reach their objectives in operations, time to market, and cost.
  • We shall manage, control, and deliver quality deliverables on time and within budget.
  • We shall always choose the best-fit partners to work with that can execute our projects in the best interest of our clients. 
  • We will provide our clients with timely and efficient support and continuously improve our services based on field information and user feedback.
  • We will develop our human resources, improve knowledge and skills through education and training, and motivate our people toward excellence.


We believe that the way to achieve our goal is to continuously improve our people, processes, and manufacturing partners and be mindful of quality in everything we do.


MIKA Group Values

The first thing R.C. MIKA Group did when established was to define its values that later became our DNA in everything we do. You will easily identify those values in our work, our quotations, and our services. Every business decision we make is always based on these values.


  • Integrity
  • Honesty
  • Accountability
  • Being part of the community, we live in
  • The desire for consecutive profitability